Aolan products optional functions(AZL18-ZX10E)

1.Which color would you want for the order (Grey or Beige)

2. Pre-cooling function. (The system will first start pump to wet the cooling pad with fan not working, and fan won't start until the pre-cooling time finishes. )

If your want, pls chooing between 0-10 minutes. ______(Factory default: No)

3. Auto-Clean Function. (To keep tank clean.)

If your want, pls chooing between 0-99 hours. ______  (Factory default: 8 hours)

4. Clean Function when ON. (Cleaning will be started when the cooler ON, and will automatically stop when cleaning finishes. )

5. Vent Function when OFF. (Every time the fan will keep running N minutes in vent mode to dry the cooling pad after cooler is OFF.) 

6. Compulsively Start Pump. (In emergency condition, the pump runs separately to prevent the cooling pad burn when there is a fire and to prevent smoke maximum goes into the room through the cooler. )

7. Water Lack Protection. (Pump stops work when there is no water in the tank. )

8. Timer. (To turn ON/OFF the cooler in set time. )

9. Memory Function when Power OFF. (The controller will record the running state when power is switched off, and when power is switched on ,the machine will start up automatically as previous running state.)

Warning: Pls use this function with much caustion as to prevent unnecessary running or accidents ! Not recommended for this function.

10. Group Control. (Supported by HUB. When connected with HUB for group control, without any setting the controller is in group control mode. ) It's free to have this function in the cooler. But for using this function, HUB connector should be used.

11. Drain Water for every 72 hours (just for example time) in Standby. (The system will memory and calculate the hours when cooler in standby. And when the standby time is up to 72 Hours successionally, it will auto drain water. With this function, if the cooler only stays in standby for 10 hours, and then start work again, the system will timer from 0 again.) This function can keep the tank empty in winter time.

12. HUB Connector. (To be connected with controller and coolers to realize group control function. It should be used with Group control function. One HUB connector can be connected with 4 coolers. That is, if you want to group control 20 units of coolers by one controller, you have to have at least 5 pcs of HUB connector. But one HUB control can replace 5 controllers. It's also a good way to save money.)

13. Empty Tank after Clean Function when OFF. (Tank will be empty. It means tank won't re-full water after cleaning when OFF. If this function is not choose, the standard water inlet will be floater valve. With floater valve, after cleaning, tank will be refilled with water. ) For this function, water inlet should be solenoid valve.

14. For various speed, which type would you want ?

A. frequency (by controller box) ,(With frequency, the cooler will has exhaust function. Exhaust means drawing out the indoor air to keep fresh air indoor.  ) B. triac (by motor) — Standard setting for various speeds.

15. Temperature and Humidity Control. (Combined with temperature and humidity sensor, to turn ON/OFF the cooler based on the set temperature and humidity. )

a. Temperature Probe inside the cooler. (This one only shows the temperature, but can't auto turn ON/OFF the cooler. )

b. Voltage Temperature and Humidity Sensor outside.

c. Current mode temperature and humidity sensor outside.

16. Controllers suitable for Using to coolers with Temperature and Humidity Function.

For temperature probe inside cooler, all the controller can be choosed. But for voltage and current temperature and humidity sensor outside, only the latest 2012 controller can be choosed.

17. Dust-proof. (To protect the cooler from dust.)

a. common filter 

b. cover typer filter

18. Winter filter. (it's used to protect cooler from freezing)

19. Ozone (Used to sterilization and clean water. )

20. Motor filter (Used to prevent hands from stretching into the venturi, and for safe. )

21. Remote Control. (easy to control the cooler.)

22. Damper. (To prevent warm air leakage in winter.)

23. Adapter substitute on controller box. (Used to connect spare parts such as pump with controller box and it's easier to change the parts. )