Instruction to the display contents

1. Clock display: it shows the current time, and when in timer on/off setting, it shows the timer.

2. Week display: it shows the current day (from left to right, Sunday to Saturday), when in timer on/off setting, the setting for week will be activated.

3. Timer on/off display: it shows the timer-task types: Start (timer on) and Stop (timer off)

4. Task display: when timer on/off function is started, the line below will show when the day has timer task. Or the line will not show.

5. No. display: it shows the right number to be function No. or Cooler No.

6. Single control icon: when in group control, if any of the coolers is set single control, it will show and flash.

7. Compound display: cooler unit, when in single control, it shows "01", in group control, it will show the online air cooler No. every 3 seconds. When setting parameters, it shows the parameter No.

8. Outdoor display: for coolers having outside temperature and humidity sensor, it will display outdoor temperature and humidity.

9. Online display: when in single control, it shows the left icon and line icon. When in group control, it shows HUB status, and the No. from left to right will be 1→10. When in communication trouble, the line will be flashing.

10. Cool icon: when cool on, it display, or it not display.

11. Fan icon: fan on, it will display, fan off, show nothing. When fan in trouble, it will display sparkingly (only for coolers having fan-protect device).

12. Pre-cool: if the current state is pre-cooling, it will display sparkingly.

   Note: it is a normal phenomenon that the pre-cool will display sparkingly for several seconds when pre-cool is not started.

13. Swing icon: it shows when SWING on, and not shows when SWING off.

14. Exhaust icon: it shows in exhaust mode, but not shows when exhaust is closed.

15. Temperature and humidity icon: it is used to display temperature and humidity for the inside place the LCD controller is in (only for those coolers having inside temperature and humidity sensor), when for setting parameters, it is used to set the current No. Parameters.

16. Setup display: it shows when in parameter setting, and area for temperature and humidity will show the current No.'s parameter.

17. Indoor icon: when it shows, the area for temperature and humidity will show the current indoor temperature or humidity.

18. Control mode: it shows the current control mode: AUTO (auto control), MAN (manual control), and EXTERNAL (external control)

19. Fan speed display: it shows the current fan speed from level 1 to 10.

20. Sub-mode for auto control: they are  for day mode,  for night mode. When    shows together, for morning mode, when both of    not show, it is in normal mode.

21. Water-inlet icon: it will display when water-inlet valve starts, and will display sparkingly when over water.

22. Water level icon: it shows the water level in the tank. It won't show when there is no water.

23. Clean icon: it shows when clean function is started and not display when clean function is off. And it will be sparkingly display when there is drain trouble.